Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Era Hats Always Develops New Series 80hat

New Era is a famous hatting brands in U.S.A, which produces the most passing series of hat of MBL except caps of nfl hats. With that many hip hop stars and film stars wear New Era caps, New Era caps get out of sports area, and get welcome of people who like street culture and sports, so it becomes the newest fashion wear index. The most popular hat is monster energy hats in HIP-HOP bound.
which is called the professional baseball cap brand of the beast quality and design in the world. Its propaganda slogan is “It’s not a cap, it’s a flag!”. As to the most popular one of NEW ERA CAP in New York is the all black models of the BLACK OUT. In recent years, and in almost all the American studios for hip-pop music, there are always some pop stars who wear New Era Cap. In 2004, red bull hats entered the Chinese market, and brought the concept of the latest trends into our side. Hat has always been an unimportant accessory in autumn and winter before, but now it has already changed to be the master and become the Number One fashion accessory. Hat becomes very interesting which can make the whole look to be more eye-catching. Something different for its own way more ruthless temperament. It is no exaggeration to say that those different styles of hats give the audience a great visual!
Showing different styles, hat is not only a tool to defense against the cold and shade for you, but a culture and a fashion. Let the fashion of wearing hats becomes a kind of way to show the individuality. And New Era also cooperates with NBA. The New Era hats with flat brims are always related with MLB. But the ordinary products of New Era are not only MLB. Recently, NBA also unites New Era to begin to bring out even brim hats of 2010. NBA also has introduced smooth brim hat before, but they are made by adidas, and the shape is similar but it is not alike in spirit, heavy sports taste and lack of a little street taste. This time the production would account on New Era. It would be full of anticipation. New Era has put forward a range of hats with flat brims based on the movie topic of Alice sleepwalking fairyland.
This upcoming psychedelic fairy tale directed by Tim fluctuations, which continued his usual psychedelic Gothic style. The movie combines New Era to push out five styles caps, which would be sold in all the New Era dealers’ stores around the world.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mad Hectic “Horror Logo” New Era Caps 80hat

Mad Hectic "Horror Logo" New Era Caps
Japanese brand Mad Hectic presents the new “Horror Logo” New Era cap from their Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. Just in time for Halloween the New Era Fitted Hats
comes in a series of colorways, featuring a 3D white embroidery on the front panels.

New Era Caps Always Release New Series

New Era hat is famous trademarks in the U.S., which produces the most runs a series of hat-MBL not only caps New Era Caps. Many hip-hop star and other celebrities with the cap, New Era now has more than sports brand. It’s good, street culture and people that sport should be the latest fashion vane. When the circle of hip-hop, folk peaked cap DC Shoes.

It takes place in a trademark baseball cap with the best quality and best design. Promoting the motto is “not a ceiling, is the ticket.” Speaking to New Era Cap, the most popular style of New York at the time was Black Out Collection. Recently, the star who wears a new era in almost all the videotapes S. U. OUT HIP-HOP muscial. E ‘entry into the Chinese market in 2004 and brought the latest fashion hat Red Bull before us. caps are used for ornamental fall and winter, but now the meaning is the opposite of a fashion accessory. Caps can make a whole seems more elegant and attractive. The second kind of cool quality of its own way. At the very least, a large selection of caps to give the public a great visual pleasure.

If you want to display a variety of styles, hats are not only a means to keep warm or to avoid the sun more, they are also a type of culture and fashion. Enter the fashion of wearing hats to become a sort of way to show individuality. New Era and also cooperate in the NBA. Flat rim hats New Era has always been associated with MLB. However, MLB is not only conventional products. NBA has also begun to make hats, brims flat, 2010. The NBA has done before. But then the caps produced by Adidas. These rates are similar in appearance, but can not convey the spirit. It is sporty flavor too strong, but not heard on the street. This time, New Era is responsible for the fact that people expect. New Era will release a series of theme-rim hats for the film Alice in Wonderland.

This story magic show is directed by Tim Burton. It follows his usual magic in the Gothic style. New Era, the film connects to highlight different hats for tight five are sold in New Era in stores around the world.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

EK by New Era Hat Collection Fall/Winter 2010 80hat

EK by New Era Hat Collection Fall/Winter 2010
The EK by New Era premium hat collection has nicely developed over the last couple of seasons, after the first couple of collections were not too strong. For Fall/Winter 2010 the line boasts every classic hat shape that one could ask for in fabrics including Tweed, wool, leather, suede and more. Also the branding is kept to the minimum, making sure that the line stands rather for its quality.
Take a look at the full EK by New Era Fall/Winter 2010 Hat Collection after the jump.

Trendy New Era Hat, Symbolize Its Original Thoughts 80hat

New Era Hats is a world-leading headdress designer, developer and manufacturer and a global headdress company of years’ history with 25 million authorized and non-authorized high-quality accessories produced every year. It is the only official cap manufacturer and distributor of the United States, and also acquires entitlement of National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, and the College - Bowl Games and National Championships and Little League. New Era is also the only possessor that launched EK by New Era in 2005.
New Era was established in 1920, it is a private company whose headquarter was in New York and have branches in Canada, Europe and Japan. It has more than 1,500 employees and is Class A member of the Fair Labor Association. DC Shoes Hats is a well-known cap brand in U.S. In addition to the production of hat of NBA, American professional football (NFL), the most popular is the Major League Baseball (MBL)’s cap series. With many hip-hop stars and TV celebrities wearing them, caps of New Era does not belong to sport only. It is popular among people who loves street cultures, sport and fashion, thus it has become a leader of fashion for wearing. The most popular cap style comes to NEW ERA, known as world’s best brand producing professional baseball caps of highest quality and best design. Its slogan is “It’s not a cap, it’s a flag”!
Now the most popular red bull hats in New York is the BLACK OUT all black models have been newly released. Introduction to hat features: 59 FIFTY’s is the representative of highest quality of NEW ERA, and even made from 100% wool. There are many caps are made of other materials. 59FIFTY’s caps are the same as home and away caps of each team in MLB. There is front part of all the caps. Hard signature cotton is used to strengthen the structure of the cap. Most 59FIFTY’s caps are dark-colored, but there are some light-colored caps (39THIRY) for some teams. The inside of the hat has a belt for suppression of sweating which makes the hat of more professional. 59FIFTY ’s is the best among all hats! All 59FIFTY ’s hats are sure to have all official logos!
There are so many varieties for New Era, including its cooperative styles with various brands, and the color is diverse, too. Now come and choose styles suitable for you.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Custom LA Lakers NEW ERA Fitted Available

If you want to rock like a champ then Rock-N-Jocks has got you covered with this just released custom Los Angeles Dodgers fitted done in the Champs Los Angeles Lakers Colors. This fitted is all Laker yellow with an all purple bill. The embroidered L.A. logo is in purple and outlined in white. It is limited to 30 total pieces. Get one while you can NEW ERA EXCLUSIVELY AND ONLY Place you will find this hat in the world is at

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chattanooga Lookouts Black and Red New Era hat 80hat

Chattanooga Lookouts Black and Red New Era hat 
Chattanooga Lookouts Black and Red New Era Hat – Looks for some stupid fresh Black and Red New Era Fitteds to add to your hat collection? Than look no further Cranium Fitteds have cooked up some crack for your dome. This Chattanooga Lookouts Black and Red New Era Hat goes stupid hard and with a members only price tag of only $27.99, how can you really go wrong. So stop playing your self and hit up cranium fitteds using the big buy-it-now button after the jump. You already

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How to break in a New Era 59Fifty cap.

” Approaching 90 years in the business, American sportswear label Champion has collaborated with New Era on this fitted cap. The athletic-wear specialists seem to have enjoyed a slew of joint ventures of late, with this latest effort retaining the clean and simple approach adopted across those previous. The hat is emblazoned with a large stitched “C” logo and of course all the usual New Era branding. ”

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Era Hats-We have seen so many hip-hop

New Era Hats
We have seen so many hip-hop, R&B superstar and pioneer wearing monster energy hats in any occasion. (can be translated into New Era Cap, New Era Caps, New Era Hat, New Era Hats, the following is similar.) We can also see that numerous international famous brands are in cooperation with New Era brand to launch joint products. New Era not only merely represents a hat brand.
In 1920 in Buffalo, New York, Ehrhardt Koch formally established a hat company, E Koch Cap Co., with only 14 employees. In 1922, the company officially changed its name to New Era companies. In 1932, the company designed its first baseball cap version. Later, the company was exclusively franchised to supply caps for Cleveland Indians’ professional baseball team, which was the first baseball team that the company exclusively supplied caps for. Till 1940s, New Era has been supplying caps for multi-professional baseball teams. Following which they competed keenly with Wilson, Spalding, Rawlings Brands etc. Until the end of 1940s, New Era mainly focused on producing hats with the device that can adjusts size. About in 1954, they mixed their style with Brooklyn style to redesign the appearance and color matching of the hat and changed name of this series to 5 In 1965, nfl hats had supplied hats to ten major league baseball teams. In 1969, it designed an unique “fully-sealed” hat at that time and exclusively supplied hats to 20 to 24 major professional league baseball teams in 1974. In the early 1980s, New Era not only was able to provide the team cap for 23 Major League Baseball teams, but also receive a large number of orders from the school, local businesses, international, golf and so on.
In 1986, New Era launched a style of hat named MLB Diamond Collection to American Major League Baseball Teams, also selling to the public. This was very successful and it even became a fashionable trend at that time to match whatever clothes with New Era hat. In 1993, New Era Hats completely defeated its then major rivals and got the exclusively supplying license granted by American MLB.
Famous black American director Spike Lee personally required New Era to design a red team cap with white font of New York Yankees when he directed a film in 1996, which made New Era become famous in that time. New Era hat could be seen everywhere, on adults and children, men and women, the old and the young and in all fields in America.
In 2006, New Era Cap Company moved its headquarters from Buffalo’s suburbs to downtown area. In the same year, in May the first flagship store was opened in the SOHO district of New York City, in November the second flagship store was opened in the New Er March 2007 New Era was not only strict for, and was able to innovate. As for the material of the cap, on the basis of the using of 100% pure wool, the company has introduced the 100% polyester with excellent performance as raw material. This also marks their hat for the first time had made a great change in the traditional In spring of 2007, the third flagship store opened in London. In August of the same year, New Era successively opened stores in Queen Street West, Atlanta, Berlin, Birmingham, Japan, and Korea.
Since New Era Caps appeared in the film of famous black director Spike Lee in 1996, New Era has not only been a commodity deep into people’s life, but also stand for a kind of culture, and a kind of big popular trend.