Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trendy New Era Hat, Symbolize Its Original Thoughts 80hat

New Era Hats is a world-leading headdress designer, developer and manufacturer and a global headdress company of years’ history with 25 million authorized and non-authorized high-quality accessories produced every year. It is the only official cap manufacturer and distributor of the United States, and also acquires entitlement of National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, and the College - Bowl Games and National Championships and Little League. New Era is also the only possessor that launched EK by New Era in 2005.
New Era was established in 1920, it is a private company whose headquarter was in New York and have branches in Canada, Europe and Japan. It has more than 1,500 employees and is Class A member of the Fair Labor Association. DC Shoes Hats is a well-known cap brand in U.S. In addition to the production of hat of NBA, American professional football (NFL), the most popular is the Major League Baseball (MBL)’s cap series. With many hip-hop stars and TV celebrities wearing them, caps of New Era does not belong to sport only. It is popular among people who loves street cultures, sport and fashion, thus it has become a leader of fashion for wearing. The most popular cap style comes to NEW ERA, known as world’s best brand producing professional baseball caps of highest quality and best design. Its slogan is “It’s not a cap, it’s a flag”!
Now the most popular red bull hats in New York is the BLACK OUT all black models have been newly released. Introduction to hat features: 59 FIFTY’s is the representative of highest quality of NEW ERA, and even made from 100% wool. There are many caps are made of other materials. 59FIFTY’s caps are the same as home and away caps of each team in MLB. There is front part of all the caps. Hard signature cotton is used to strengthen the structure of the cap. Most 59FIFTY’s caps are dark-colored, but there are some light-colored caps (39THIRY) for some teams. The inside of the hat has a belt for suppression of sweating which makes the hat of more professional. 59FIFTY ’s is the best among all hats! All 59FIFTY ’s hats are sure to have all official logos!
There are so many varieties for New Era, including its cooperative styles with various brands, and the color is diverse, too. Now come and choose styles suitable for you.

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