Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Era Caps Tend to Release New Products 80hat

New Era is a famous American hat brand. Besides the ball hats of New Era Hats, the most popular ones should be the range of hats of MBL. As many hip hop stars and film celebrities wear New Era caps, New Era hat jumps out the sports areas and is very popular with people of street culture and sports and leisurers, becoming the latest fashion wear indicator. The most popular cap in HIP-HOP is New Era Hat.
It calls the best professional cap brand which has good quality in the world. Its slogan is “It’s not a cap, it’s a flag!” When referring to NEW ERA CAP, the most popular item in NYC now must be the newly released BLACK OUT. In recent years, there have been artists who wear NEW ERA CAP in almost all of the United States hip hop music videos. In 2004, new era hats online marched into Chinese market to bring the newest fashion concept to us. Hat has always been the things in the autumn and winter, but today’s hats become masters and become the number one fashion accessories. While the hats become more fascinating, it also makes the whole dress up even more eye-catching. Something different for its own way more ruthless temperament. It is no exaggeration to say that those different styles of hats give the audience a great visual!
Showing different styles, hat is no longer just a tool to avoid cold and sun, and it has become a culture, a trend. To wear a hat is a personalized fashion in a visible way. And New Era also has cooperated with the NBA. New Era flat rim hat has been linked to the MLB Alliance. But the normal product of New Era is far more than MBL, NBA has united New Era to push out smooth brim hat in 2010. Before, NBA also had brought out even brim hats, but they are all produced by Adidas. They are decent in shape but not in spirit. They are too much sports and feel like lacking in a little of street flavour. Now it is transferred to the New Era, and it is really worth looking forward to! New Era pushed out the smooth brim hat taking the series theme of film Alice in Wonderland.
This illusion fairy tale directed by Tim will be shown in the near future, which continue his Gothic illusion style. Combined with the film, New Era will hit outlets around the world with its flat brim caps in five new styles.

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